Saturday, July 31, 2010

Final Competition 31-7-2010

Final Competition 15:30 - 21:00, we need to do live sketch for 5 people in 15 minutes for each one, 2 people are senior schoolmate, 2 people are tutor, 1 is classmate. 

The first person to draw, handsome guy who can speak English very well, he studied in US for 2 years.
I still feel nervous at the very beginning, line drawing is not good and shaking!!!

Party Time after Competition with classmates, my wife Sarah came also to join us to share the happiness!!

All Competition live sketches stick on wall for all people selection.

Party time and dinner together, Japanese also eat eat pig intestine as Hong Kong people.

Ready for Awards presentation.

Awards presentation 1st to 3rd Place.

3rd Place, myself.

Say something !! (in English, Master Kage translate for me)

Certification presentation.

Gift by Master Kage


Classmates, his name is 'YES'

Master Kage (President)

3rd, 1st 柴田 愛子, 2nd Homa

Group Photo

Group Photo

My Wife, Sarah enjoy tonight very much, we understand and feel more Japanese Culture and native Japan living and the most funniest face and kindness after this wonderful event. 

Lead Artist, Sosuke, I learn a lot from him, he never lose people likeness when drawing live, amazing!!

My Family in Japan - Asakusa