Thursday, November 3, 2011

Facebook 專頁成立

Facebook 專頁成立 請俾個 '讚好' 以作宣傳. 因為......

我嘗試為我的專頁取得用戶名,但 Facebook 提示說專頁沒有資格。有什麼要求?如果您無法取得用戶名,表示您的專頁現時可能未符合取得用戶名的資格。有 25 個擁躉以上的專頁可取得用戶名。

Facebook page set up, please serve a 'like' for publicity, because ...... I try to get my special page the user name, but experts say Facebook tips page are not eligible. What are the requirements? If you can not get the user name, your page currently may not specifically meet the qualifications to obtain the user name. There are more than 25 fans can get the user name special pages.