Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hu Jintao 胡錦濤

Hu Jintao (born 21 December 1942) is the current Paramount Leader of the People's Republic of China. He has held the titles of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China since 2002, President of the People's Republic of China since 2003, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission since 2004, succeeding Jiang Zemin as the top leader of fourth generation leadership of the People's Republic of China.

Firstly, the pencil draft is seem to be acceptable, however, after proceed the black and white line part, the image seem to be slightly distorted, anyway, it must be continued, the marker part is proceeding, mistake have been made during mixing the coloured pencil and marker, something wrong happened which did not happen before but I don't understand, I need to find out later.

Secondly, mistake have been rectified around the area under the nose. After making mistake, I am loss of concentration. I need to learn fix the mistake. Furthermore, I found the likeness is acceptable, but the exaggeration is not enough from my preferred style. For normal people, the exaggeration may be acceptable. However, the image is not funny enough that I did not like it. Overall colour texture is not smooth enough. Maybe I need to do it again!! ( 2 hrs working time)

Monday, September 6, 2010

梁振英 Leung Chun Ying, also known as C Y Leung

Colour and gradation control is much better and doing the best even (colouring time: 2 hours), however, it is still far from satisfactory. Likeness and exaggeration could be done better. Time control is better. Leung Chun Ying is well known person in Hong Kong and possibly be the candidate of next Chief Executive. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st Commission Work back from Japan

It is my first commission work back from Japan training. Skill is better than before. Speed is faster. Black and White line is better. Applying likeness and exaggeration ( just a bit for safe mode) is more confident. Colour technique is far from satisfactory. Overall feeling is better than before and under more control by myself.

20:06 pm


21:15 pm

22:12 pm

23:18 pm

0:07 am

0:53 am

1:50 am