Friday, June 24, 2011

Commercial Commission Works: one2free Megastore Grand Opening

Although it is not decent caricature, it is very good experience with advertising company, the faces are limited by by the Rectangle shape boxes, which let me know some people faces are very depending on and  related to the overall hard outline, how should I sort out the difficulties of faces with less characteristic? what I expected to exaggerate Eason Chan is totally out of my expectation and control, only facial expression cannot solve the problem, also his face is always changing in every photos, but the root problem, how can we know he is Eason Chan, Angelababy? (beautiful lady is really hard to handle) Good photos reference is very critical.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

11-6-2011 Surprise Birthday Party at Central Soho Oolaa

11-6-2011 Birthday Surprise Party at Central Soho Oolaa. It is a crazy long standing 5 hours event from 8pm to 1am midnight, really exhausted. Every time, I met different kinds of difficulties, brightness is a new  challenge this time, it was so lucky the restaurant found a torch for me, otherwise, I needed to draw in dark. I should preapre some lighting system by myself for the same situation.The guests were so kind, in fact , it was surprise party for my client's wife.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Commission Works

Recent commission works for a family, the exaggeration part was doing properly in a very fast way which define a good work, the whole works is very depending on the very beginning. 45 seconds sketch will determine the final results. I should make effort on the background and the dressing next stage.