Sunday, October 10, 2010


The 2nd time live sketch back from Japan, this condition is more similar to that of the model in Japan, great change compared with that of before. Using of new colored pencil, the new drawing board, the new technique put in this experiment. Overall feeling was much better, more comfortable, relax and confident. The speed is faster, time to get the likeness is shorter, likeness with exaggeration is better. However, black line (copic) outline technique is really out of control, the line is not sharp and smooth enough, sometime even with shaking line. The colouring process is still in the very beginner stage, need to practice more and more. The exaggeration is the most improvement. However, children drawing did not put me in the real test. Adult drawing should be much more challenging. Live atmosphere is fantastic, the process can attract people attention. Great result of promotion, know some people interested in my service, hope they would really call later. Overall result is not good enough to be professional; the only solution is practicing more.

Thanks God for making the rain stop during the whole process. Finally, all the kids are great motivation to me for not giving up. 

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