Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hebe Haven Yacht Club Easter Bazaar 23-4-2011

This is the second time of live caricature for Hebe Haven Yacht Club Easter Bazaar. The feeling of live sketch is coming back although it has been long time not performing live properly. There are plenty thing earned this time. It is my first time doing live but from the photo. It is also the first drawing the iPhone  4 . In the past, I am fear of doing such thing in the live environment ( totally lack of confidence). It is great breakthrough and milestone this time personally. Furthermore, the marker line control and rendering skill have great improvement than that of in the past. Exaggeration should be push further more. Anyway, it gave me a great impact to my following road to dream, thanks god for the commitment.  Long way to go ......

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  1. How did iPhone come into play? So people don't have to linger?